Do I have endometriosis quiz , Lets Find Out

Many women experience at least some pelvic pain during menstruation. For some people, this is particularly harsh. In some cases, this is due to a disease called endometriosis, which occurs when small pieces of tissue that normally grow in the uterus grow out of it. This tissue can block the fallopian tubes. It can also … Read more

What is the secret of Greg Gutfeld’s weight loss?

An American TV host, political commentator, author, and producer Greg Gutfeld has hosted many TV shows, some of which are the late-night show with Gutfeld!, The Five in which he was one of the five co-hosts and both of them are aired on The Fox News channel. But recently his fans and followers noticed that … Read more

Celine Dion weight loss, Truth and Facts

celine dion weight loss

Celine Dion is a famous Canadian singer. Recently she was all over the news because of how skinny she became. A lot of gossips is going about Celine Dion’s weight loss. Some of them even suggest that the singer has some sort of disease that causes weight loss. But in a recent interview, She denies … Read more

Lavell Crawford weight loss Journey

Lavell Crawford  is famous for his role in Breaking Bad. In this record  breaking TV show he performed the role of Huell Babineaux. He was distinguished by his big body figure. but lately he is in the news again for another reason. Lavell Crawford weight loss Journey attracts a lot of fan questions. The actor … Read more

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Plan: Full Diet Included

Tessa Brooks is one of the new generation YouTube sensation. She was recently featured in the news after losing about 40 pounds of weight.Today we will analyse how exactly she lost that much amount of weight in that short period of time.  ok let’s get into Tessa Brooks weight loss plan and diet. Tessa Brooks … Read more

Red Mountain Weight Loss Review : Real or Scam ?

  Most of you heard that red mountain weight loss can do wonders to assist you in your weight loss journey. But is there any truth in that? let’s go and find out today we are going to get into it and complete a review about Red mountain weight loss. The program thinks that it can … Read more

Angela deem Weight loss, Full Diet Plan Revealed

angela deem weight loss

Angela Deem Weight Loss plans caused a recent stir in social media circles. The 90 Day Fiance Celebrity Angela Deem shows her before and after photos of her weight loss journey. The star loses around 90 pounds with help of surgery and following a strict diet. In this post, we will further analyze the full … Read more

Truth Behind Boogie2988 weight loss surgery


One of the most famous weight loss case studies was boogie2988 weight loss surgery. Stephen Williams is a Youtube sensation who is famously known as boogie2988. In this post, we will discuss the real diet and procedures he underwent in order to lose around 150 pounds of weight in a record time. boogie2988 weight loss … Read more