All About Red Mountain Weight Loss

Red Mountain, Weight Loss is something you have likely heard of if you live in the southwest United States. It’s a group of 15 weight loss centers, located in Texas and Arizona. More are planned for 2020. You might be tempted to think Medical is not for you. I don’t require a doctor’s assistance. This is similar to hiring a nutritionist, health coach or fitness trainer. “We live a society in which more than half of us have obesity or overweight. It’s not a weakness for someone to help you,” says Suzanne Bentz D.O.. She is the founder and chief medical officers of Red Mountain Weight Loss.

What is Red Mountain Weight Loss?

Everyone begins with a physical exam. Dr. Bentz said that while all of our patients are overweight, the reasons are diverse. “We get a full history of the patient and must be an investigator to discover what their problems are. Why are they so overweight? What’s their lifestyle like? What is their life like? How can we help them?” Finally, a personal plan is made for the person. Related Story Experts on Obesity Share Their Weight Loss Advice

The Red Mountain Lifestyle program focuses on patient’s nutrition and caloric needs, lifestyle and activity level. It basically gives you macronutrient guidelines. The RM3 program is a little more complex and includes a customized diet, a medication, weekly shots, supplements, and a patented medication. Dr. Bentz won’t divulge the ingredients in their proprietary products. But, she said, “We use vitamins. minerals. amino acids. and things that support your body’s metabolism and increase energy levels. They also help to curb cravings.

What is the cost of Red Mountain Weightloss?

Plans range in price from $200 to $500 a month. If you have a medical condition that requires you to lose weight, you might be able to use the Health Savings Account to help you pay.

Red Mountain Weight loss: How much weight can I lose?

It all depends on your plan and how metabolic you are. But Dr. Bentz states that patients can lose 10-20 pounds per month. “We’re not a weight loss program for people who can read a magazine and lose a few extra pounds. “We support those that are really struggling.