Angela deem Weight loss, Full Diet Plan Revealed

angela deem weight loss

Angela Deem Weight Loss plans caused a recent stir in social media circles. The 90 Day Fiance Celebrity Angela Deem shows her before and after photos of her weight loss journey. The star loses around 90 pounds with help of surgery and following a strict diet. In this post, we will further analyze the full diet plan and routines regarding Angela Deem Weight Loss Surgery.

Angela Deem, star of 90 Day Fiancé, has had a lot of fun since losing weight. Angela, the grandmother of six, revealed her plans for a makeover on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 5, and her fans were eager to see the before and after photos.

Angela Deem is one of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise’s most talked-about characters. Deem, a Georgia native, has appeared on many episodes of the show with her Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi. Her antics and care of Michael have gotten a lot of attention during her time on TV, but she’s also been getting a lot of attention lately for her weight loss.

Angela deem Weight Surgery

After liposuction, a gastric sleeve operation, and a breast reduction in August 2020, the reality star lost 90 pounds. Although she acknowledges smoking contributed to some of her health issues, she recalls a change in the things she couldn’t do after she gained weight.

She admitted, “I couldn’t even step into the grocery store with the kids to get groceries.” “I was out of breath, and I knew it wasn’t because I was smoking. I understand that smoking doesn’t help, but this was one of those situations where you just knew it was weight. And, you know, maybe at 55, I said — or maybe I was 54 at the time — I said, ‘You know, women gain weight when they get older.’ Alternatively, we should go in the opposite direction.

Ilesanmi, 32, was also a factor in her decision, according to the TV personality: “I’ve always wanted to improve my appearance for Michael because of his age, but people need to know that without the weight-loss surgery, I felt like I would have died.”

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Before and After Weight Loss

angela deem weight loss

Before the operations, Deem said her “face was blowing up” and she was “short of breath all the time.” She told Us, “I got to the point where I just didn’t have [any] energy.” “[The] kids finish their schoolwork, and I can go outside and play with them… They suffered alongside me because I refused to move.”

Despite her best efforts to please her husband, the Nigerian woman was not pleased. “Michael wasn’t very supportive,” she said, “because I believe they don’t have surgeries over there.” “Michael does not see me as a 55-year-old woman like anyone else. Michael considers me to be his age. That, you know, is a positive thing.

Her husband was taken aback by her announcement and dismissed the idea of surgery. Deem, on the other hand, had made up her mind, telling Michael she wasn’t happy with her size. “It’s annoying to be out of breath, especially when you know you gained 20 pounds in two months from sitting here eating everything…” she explained.

Deem had a good operation, but it’s uncertain if Dr. Obeng was the surgeon she chose. She’s posted some pictures on Instagram since then, showcasing her new look. She has a much slimmer body than she did before, but it’s unclear how much weight she’s lost so far.

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Deem has stated that she plans to get more work done in the future, including chin and butt surgery. “Anything to make me feel confident, which I already am if I’m overweight or skinny, attractive or old-looking, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have moments,” she told Entertainment Tonight.