How to do Leopard Print Hair? Fun and Funky Color Style Tips

I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled with all the trendy, crazy fun hairstyle and color options available these days. All you need to do is check out your favorite music industry celebrities to see what the latest trends are, including leopard hair color prints, often seen on music icons Nicki Minaj and even Steven Tyler.

If you’d like to try this daring new style you’ll find that there are several great hair tips to consider and ways to pull it off that aren’t all that difficult and don’t need to be expensive. Following are couple of leopard hair application options.

Style and Color

If you’re ready to commit to a more permanent solution you can go for more in depth hair ideas (style and color) and can involve a variety of cute or wacky cuts, pops of vibrant animal spot colors, your options are as varied as your imagination. Once you have a couple of choice leopard print hair styles in mind, you need to decide if you want to go to a salon, in which case you can expect to pay a lot, or do it yourself which is a fun, less expensive option. The good news is that anybody can pull it off, so it doesn’t necessarily require an expensive hair stylist to do it. You could always have a professional just cut your hair in the style you want because cutting an “undercut” fashion can be tricky but it is doable. Then, get the girls together and have a “Leopard Hairstyle” party. Sound’s like fun to me!


DIY How to do Leopard Print Hair Style low-cost?

All you need is a kitchen, a couple of friends, a bit of wine and the following:

DIY Celery Stamp (yep celery – it makes awesome spots) 
Some aluminum foil
A color brush and bowl
Choose your color scheme (you’ll need to use three colors, one as a base color, one for a border color, and a fill color.
A smallish paint brush
Celery sticks – sliced in different sizes for varying spot sizes

DIY leopard hair color and print style

The common combination for more realistic leopard spots is a blondish yellow base color, a black color for a border and a lighter red, brown or pink color for fill. Once the base has been applied you can really have fun using your celery sticks (make the celery “C” face different directions for a more realistic wild animal spot look). It wouldn’t hurt to have some photos of leopard spots handy to help you design the perfect spots. Use a damp Q-tip (is there anything they’re not good for?) to erase any mistakes and use them to fill in the rest of the spots. After the dye has had time to set, just wash, dry and compliment each other on your new leopard print color hairdos. Okay, so this brief tutorial makes it sound really easy but it can be if you take your time and don’t rush through the process.

Leopard Print Extensions

Why leopard print extensions? Because they’re a no brainer to apply and there are no limits to the leopard print hair color you can experiment with, making it easy to express yourself. Leopard print extensions are sold in just about every color and in a fun variety of print designs. Best of all, you don’t need to have a professional stylist apply them or need any special training, you just clip them on and remove them in seconds. You can still have a party with the girls; you’ll just have more time to chat and appreciate your new, funky, leopard do’s.