Red Mountain Weight Loss – Introduction

Red Mountain weight loss is a popular name in the Southwest region of the United States. There are 15 centers that specialize in medical weight loss, with more opening in Arizona and Texas. Although you may think It’s for me, I don’t need a doctor’s help. It’s comparable to hiring a fitness coach, nutritionist, or health coach. “We live in an age where more than two thirds of us are overweight or obese, and it’s no weakness to seek the assistance of a professional,” states Suzanne Bentz D.O. founder and chief medical officer at Red Mountain Weight Loss.

What is the Red Mountain Weight Loss Program?

Everybody starts with a medical examination. Dr. Bentz says that although all of our patients are overweight the causes are varied. We take a complete history, and we have to be investigators to find out the patient’s problems. What is their reason for being overweight? What is their daily life like? What are their challenges? “How can we help them?” A personalized plan is then created for each person. Similar Story Weight Loss Tips from Obesity Experts

The Red Mountain Lifestyle program provides a diet plan that is based on the patient’s nutritional needs and lifestyle. It gives you guidelines for macronutrients. The RM3 program, which is more intensive, includes a personalized diet plan, a patented medication and weekly shots. Dr. Bentz will not disclose the contents of their proprietary products but states that they use vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support your body’s metabolism, energy levels, and suppress cravings and appetite.

How much does Red Mountain Weight Loss Cost?

Plans start at $200 per month and go up to $500 per year. If you are experiencing weight loss due to a medical condition, your Health Savings account may allow you to pay.

How many pounds can you lose using Red Mountain Weight Loss?

It all depends on what your plan is, your metabolism and how much weight you have. Dr. Bentz estimates that patients can lose between 10 to 20 pounds each month. She says that because we are a medical weight-loss program, we are not for patients who can simply pick up a diet book and drop a few pounds. We are for those who are truly struggling, may be suffering from a genetic predisposition to weight loss, may be taking multiple medications or have other factors like diabetes or high cholesterol or metabolic disorder.