The actual truth of Andrea Bocelli’s weight loss and his health conditions.

Italian singer, producer, and songwriter Andrea Bocelli started his singing career from the bars. In the bar, he used to play opera. He was working in the bars as part-time work so that he can gather money for his law studies. You can say he had times in his past. Recently he was into the news Because people thought Andrea Bocelli has lost weight (will discuss it further in this article).

He had a disease called ‘congenital glaucoma’ during his childhood days. Sadly when he was age twelve, he lost his eyesight. But he never gave up and kept practicing and was getting better in his singing career.

Although, he practiced and studied law. But he chooses singing as his profession. He started his singing career with ‘Luciano Pavarotti’ (Italian operatic tenor).


Physical Appearance of Andrea Bocellie

Andrea Bocelli is a lean man with a fit body and he was never fat or bulky. He has never gained that much weight which can bring him to headlines or make him call fat by the people.

He has gained and lost some weight every time just like everyone. But, with Andrea when his weight was fluctuating people thought it was due to his bad health conditions. As in his, he was so prone to diseases from his childhood.

Bit more about Andrea Bocelli

Andrea broccoli was born on September 22, 1958. He follows the Catholic religion. His wife is Veronica Berti, is his second wife, whom he married in 2014.

He has three children’s Matteo Bocelli, Amos Bocelli, and Virginia Bocelli.

He has a net worth of $100 million, which is so much.

How did the rumors of his weight loss started?

He was performing a live Easter session in April at Duomo Cathedral. He was of his famous song ‘music of hopes’, from there many of his fans noticed that he might have some weight loss and that’s how this rumor started.

His fans noticed that he was looking thinner and looked like he lost a good amount of weight, in a short period of time. As fans mostly look for their favorite celebrity’s new looks and look after their appearance and also their figure (mostly their weight).

Many people thought he was ill and that might be the reason he was becoming thin and weak. In 2018, also this happened when people noticed he was looking thin and weak.

People tried to find more information about it, but later it was young that Andrea didn’t consider it a big issue.

Now, you might want to know that,

Did Andrea Bocelli really Lose Any Weight?

As he looked leaner in the Easter session, so people were concerned about his health.

People thought it was because he was ill and may be suffering from a disease, because of which he might have lost his weight.

The answer to that, did he lose the weight is ‘no’, he didn’t lose any weight. There is always little gain and loss in someone’s weight, from time to time and it is also applicable to Andrea Bocelli.

His clothing may also be a big reason to why people and his fans thought that he may have lost some weight. As we look thinner in loose clothes.

And our appearance also changes a bit from time to time, because we age and maybe much time because of makeup.

And there are also many factors like camera angle and lightning, because of which you may look thinner or thicker.

And, if you still didn’t get the answer, the answer is ‘no’. Andrea Bocelli didn’t lose any weight.

What did Andrea Bocelli’s son ‘Matteo’ say about his father’s health?

His son Matteo said that his father was able to cure his Covid-19 easily and he didn’t suffer much from Covid-19.

He announced before that he had got Covid-19 but he also announced that he has also been recovered.

Matteo appeared on the new album of Disney, he told the PA news agency that “Although, he has recovered from covid-19 easily. But, there are many who have hard times and are suffering too much”

Matteo has sung in Can You Feel The Love Tonight, in the movie the lion king.

His song was featured in the Disney Goes Classic album.

He has performed many songs and did many shows with his father on a number of occasions. But he said, it was the regular thing that he does and it doesn’t bring his joy particularly.

He said that his father gave him many suggestions, which helped him to perform better on stage in front of so many people.

Matheo started learning singing and piano at the age of 6 and attended Lucca Conservatory which is in Italy.

He said, Disney has inspired till the time he was a child and it was his honor for him to work with Disney.

He also said he truly loved working for Disney and gave the project a lot of importance, as he was so inspired by the music of Disney from his early childhood.

And now, he hopes all the kids who watch Disney feel the joy of happiness, and new emotions.

His favorite movie was The Lion King and he even said that he even watched the last season of The Lion King.


These are all the rumors that Andrea Bocelli lost weight. And he is totally fine and healthy.