Truth Behind Boogie2988 weight loss surgery


One of the most famous weight loss case studies was boogie2988 weight loss surgery. Stephen Williams is a Youtube sensation who is famously known as boogie2988. In this post, we will discuss the real diet and procedures he underwent in order to lose around 150 pounds of weight in a record time.

boogie2988 weight loss surgery

The Youtube star in his vlog has mentioned that he was worried about life expectancy due to his body weight and decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. But later on another vlog, he claimed that the real reason for achieving fast weight loss was thanks to the diet plan he followed.

Boogie, who used to weigh 500 pounds, is now aiming for a weight loss of 250 pounds. He is excited to continue losing weight because the results he has gained so far have been dramatic. “I am stupidly motivated,” he admits.

boogie2988 age is 46 years. He weighs around 500 pounds and is seriously suffering due to his condition. Even though his wife Desiree Williams was supportive of him he decided to change his lifestyle and be more health-conscious. Later he went into a diet plan which helps him to reduce 150 pounds of weight.

The main issue he faced was the over-addiction to unhealthy foods. In one of his videos, he admitted that he was suicidal due to these overweight and have extreme carvings towards unhealthy fat food. Also sitting around and playing video games every day without any sort of exercise contributed to this.

Boogie2988 weight loss surgery

The first thing boogie2988 think of to reduce his weight was to undergo gastric bypass surgery. He had done the surgery in August 2017 and posted a video confirming that it was a success. But the surgery is only a small step and the biggest change was to follow the exact diet which helped him to shed more pounds than the surgery itself.

Despite the fact that he is now at a much healthier weight, he is well conscious of the work that remains. It was especially difficult for Boogie to resist the temptations of his favorite foods, which were previously his only means of self-medication. “Withdrawal symptoms were difficult, but I knew I couldn’t continue to abuse my body in the same way.”

The YouTube star’s surgery served as an enforced recovery, and it has totally changed the way he views food. While the old, 597-pound Boogie may have consumed two or three portions of a meal, he now admits he struggles to finish even half a portion.

boogie2988 weight loss

boogie2988 is also looking for a weight loss of 270 pounds in the first eighteen months after surgery, which, if accomplished, would allow for some loose skin surgery, which is a major motivator for a man who has never felt relaxed in his own skin.

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Boogie2988 began losing weight after speaking with several medical doctors. Gastric bypass surgery was Boogie’s best hope of success. In August of 2017, he went under the knife. He now weights 360 pounds, which is an improvement. Boogie claims that deciding to do this was the best decision he has ever taken.

It’s difficult to change your eating habits when you’ve had a long-term relationship with food. It takes a lot of concentration to unlearn all the wrong things you’ve learned about food over the years.

Boogie2988 weight loss Diet

Even though the exact diet plan followed by him for his famous boogie2988 weight loss was not publically published, we had collected the same from close sources. The diet is primarily Keto with some advanced diet routines and methods. We have found that following the custom Keto diet was the closest diet plan that can give you almost exact results if followed correctly. We will update the post once we compiled the whole diet plan. So stay tuned for more.